May 1, 2012

BERSIH 3.0 | Komentar dari rakyat Malaysia di rantauan

Dearest friend.. I was shocked and saddened with what has happened in Malaysia today. The news really make me sad and couldn't digest it. Where is the value of Malaysians ?
Where is the high morale of your country men?
Why they bring dispute and protest to the street?

Malaysian are not barbaric people for all i know. But why the doing street protest? I saw the news clashes of security forces with the protester. This incident shouldn't have happened. The upturn the police vehicle, torn Malaysia flag, damaging public property, challenging the forces....etc. 
Why my friend???? Its truly upsetting case.
Malaysia is unique. Multicultural, multi-language, multirace... beautiful country. People greet each other with smiles and politeness. You people are nice people.

But why now going to the street?? 
Why not solve matters in parliament??
Change the law. Change the government. Change the barbarian. Change the political scenario to a better one. 
NOT going to the street to protest. Malaysian are civilized people. Educated and well mannered. They were religious too. 
But WHY going to the street to solve problems?
Simply dont understand it. Every 5 years Malaysia conduct election...change the ruling party if not suitable. Use this as weapon to change the law or legislations...THE PARLIAMENT not the STREET
I followed quite closely Malaysia development. Recently they amend few acts...and repealed ISA act. That's something positive they are doing. I am most surprise when they remove the ISA act. Even USA still having that act. many other countries like Canada, India, Germany, Isreal, Indonesia... uphold that similar act...especially after 9/11.

Malaysia introduced ISA during surgency period against the communist. Unfortunately majority of their supporters are ??Chinese ethnic.
Since introduction, ISA was widely and frequently used to curb negative idealogy and instability of the nation. Very effective method. But now its already removed. Government is playing with fire. He is exposing the nation to dangerous doctrine of hate the country. He is confused in looking the negative impact after removing the act..I am very sure the history of May 13 1969 will appear soon. The ill feelings of economic imbalance and unfair distribution of wealth is the most dangerous factor in county like Malaysia. The Malays are think they are the land master, Chinese think that the are the economist to prosper the country, indians think they make the country grow thru effort contribution in plantations. 
This is the moment where people who can see the variants take opportunity to sub divide the nation. Everybody not happy against each other. Country become unstable and the government become weakened. Gone!!!
Malaysian must think what is right and what is wrong. Do not follow blindly the agenda of the demonstration leader.
She lawyer by profession. She may not be in Malaysia when things gone bad. She may have another house in USA or Australia. She will not stay in Malaysia after all.  
Who suffer? Just because disagree with the ruling party, they took everything to the street. 
Malaysia is not Egypt, not Syria, not Manila, not Myanmar or Thailand. Malaysia need to focus in economic growth not crazy for power. I saw the opposition leaders giving speech during the riots. They taking advantage of the crowds. They are coward. They should shout in parliament to correct the government. Likewise the Islamic party leaders. Don't confuse the laymen when you are not aware of your own wrong doings. I am sad and confused.
I do hope to see some positive progress in your country soon. 
Stop believing a lawyer's mindset. Lawyer are educated to fight for everything. Even a murderer can escape death sentence when lawyer speaks. 
The organizer is a lawyer. She can escape law because she knows the law. How about laymen and poor people who follow to protest? I think its in your religion saying that, if you are not sure, just leave it.

Plz make your people understand. Rioting and street protest doesn't help solve problems. Many blood and tears spilled but achieve nothing. I feel ashamed and truly sad learning of the news. It will never end my dear. When the ruling party tumbled,they will go to the street too in future. Tit for tat. Just wait and see.
Sorry to write to you and voice out my feelings. Just want to see Malaysia is peacefull again soon. I pray to lord to help save Malaysia...



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